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(ePub File) Hop Flavor and Aroma: Proceedings of the 2nd…
(ePub File) Hop Flavor and Aroma: Proceedings of the 2nd…

This timely book summarizes the current scientific understanding of hop flavor and aroma with contributions from the world's leading hop scientists.

This book is a joint publication of ASBC and MBAA.

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This timely book summarizes the current scientific understanding of hop flavor and aroma with contributions from the world’s leading hop scientists.

As interest in hops continues to rise and brewers approach hops in unprecedented ways, many in the brewing world are seeking the latest research and guidance to help them create better beer. This comprehensive book presents the industry’s current understanding of hop chemistry as it relates to beer flavor.

Hop Flavor and Aroma begins with a historical overview of hop flavor research and then examines thiols, a powerful class of odorants for hop aromas; hop oil characterization and recombination to create beer flavor; hop cultivation and its impact on hops and beer quality; and the genetics of breeding new hop varieties. The book also discusses the difficulties of adapting research analytical methods for QC practices and the impact of dry hopping on beer flavor and bitterness.

Hop Flavor and Aroma documents the significant scientific progress that was made during the 10 years between the 1st and 2nd International Brewers Symposia. The world’s leading hop researchers gathered at the second symposium, sharing their knowledge and summarizing their research contributions to the industry’s understanding of hop aroma and flavor. Contributors and topics were curated by editors Thomas H. Shellhammer and Scott R. Lafontaine to achieve a specific breadth and depth on hop flavor and aroma.

Many in the brewing industry—from flavor chemists and sensory scientists to hop growers and brewing raw material specialists—will be informed by this book. It will feed the interest of anyone seeking a scientific understanding of what drives hoppy aroma in beer.

Hop Flavor and Aroma: Proceedings of the 2nd International Brewers Symposium ePUB File

Chapter 1

The History of Hop Aroma Research

Christina Schönberger

Chapter 3

Instrumental Analysis of Hop Aroma in Beer: The Challenges of Transforming a Research Application into a QC Tool

Nils Rettberg

Chapter 3

Cultivation Conditions of Saaz Hop for Promoting Desired Hop-Derived Taste and Aroma in Beer

Takako Inui and Hiroo Matsui

Chapter 4

How to Monitor Positive Aromatic Thiols During Winemaking and Brewing

Aurélie Roland, Stephane Delpech, and Laurent Dagan

Chapter 5

4-Mercapto-4-Methyl-2-Pentanone in Hops: Impact of Variety, Provenance, and Harvest Year

Martin Steinhaus and Klaas Reglitz

Chapter 6

Free and Bound Polyfunctional Thiols and Terpenols in Dual-Purpose Hop Varieties: First Evidence of Glutathione S-Conjugates—A Review of Two Decades of Hop Research in Louvain-la-Neuve

Sonia Collin and Carlos Silva Ferreira

Chapter 7

Construction of an Aroma Simulation Model of Pilsner-Type Beer

Toru Kishimoto

Chapter 8

Hop and Hoppy Aroma: Comprehensive Characterization of Hop Essential Oils and Hoppy Aroma of Beer

Filip Van Opstaele, Tatiana Praet, Koen Goiris (deceased), Gert De Rouck, Barbara Jaskula-Goiris, Jessika De Clippeleer, Guido Aerts, and Luc De Cooman

Chapter 9

Behavior of Hop-Derived Flavor Compounds During Beer Production and Their Contribution to the Varietal Aroma of ‘Flavor Hop’

Kiyoshi Takoi

Chapter 10

Sensory Investigations Concerning the Hop Aroma Profile of Beers Produced with the New German Aroma Hop Varieties

Torsten Seewald, Fabian Ketzler, and Frank-Jürgen Methner

Chapter 11

Controlling Dry-Hop Aroma and Flavor in Beer

Thomas H. Shellhammer, Scott R. Lafontaine, Daniel C. Sharp, and Peter H. Wolfe

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Publish Date: 2020
Format: ePUB File
ISBN: Print: 978-1-881696-38-4
ePUB: 978-1-881696-49-0
Pages: 183

Edited by Thomas H. Shellhammer and Scott R. Lafontaine

Hop Flavor and Aroma: Proceedings of the 2nd International Brewers Symposium ePUB File

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