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Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries
Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries

This guidebook decodes how to create and manage a quality system in a brewery environment.

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Quality management for breweries is critical for continued success. This book, written by Mary Pellettieri, decodes how to create and manage a quality system in the context of the brewery environment and affords an understanding of how quality management is integrated into every level of the operation.
Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries will guide you in developing a comprehensive program that will grow with your brewery, help ensure quality processes in the brewery and continue providing great beer for your fans. This book covers how to think about quality and set up a plan, including:
Quality control and assurance plans
  • HACCP risk assessment
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • General Audit Reports
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Asset Care

Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries

Foreword by Ken Grossman

1. Defining Quality in a Brewery

The Changing Definition of Quality Management
The Gurus of Quality

What Is Quality?

Defining Quality as “Fitness for Use”
Defining Beer Quality as Esoteric

How to Achieve Quality – The Quality System
Who – Quality Function in Breweries

The Brewing Chemist
The Chemist and the Quality Team
The Change to Quality Is Everyone’s Responsibility

2. Quality Management and Governance

Connecting the Dots Between Management and Governance

Quality Governance – Stating What Is Expected

The Quality Manual – Setting Policy, Specifications, and Goals
The Quality Manual – Roles and Responsibilities

Quality Management – Implementation of Policy

Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Corrective Action
Continuous Improvement

3. Components of a Quality Program

It’s All About the People

The Front Line – Brewery Staff
Quality Skills for Brewery Staff
The Second Line – Middle or Upper Management
The Quality Staff
Assessing Skills and the Organizational Design

Conducting the Right Tests and Conducting Them Well

Conducting a Risk Assessment
Conducting a Risk Assessment with FMEA
Setting Specifications
Setting Limits
Setting the Frequency of the Check
Ease of Access to Data

Assuring the Test Results

4. Supporting Functions to the Quality Program

Human Resources
Asset Care or Maintenance of Equipment
Sanitation and Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP Culture and Implementation
Sanitation Planning

Record Keeping

Complaint Records

5. Strategic Components in the Quality Program

New Product Design and Implementation

Managing Innovation and Resources
New Product Introduction

Implementing a Structured Problem-Solving Program

Managing Problem Solving

6. The Best Tests for a Brewery

The Brewery Laboratory

Microbiological Tests

Cell Staining
Other Special Microscopy Tests
Microbiological Plating and Media Management
Sampling from Tanks and Zwickel Maintenance
Pipetting and Other Challenges with Microbiological Plating

Chemistry Tests

Measuring Extract and Alcohol Background
Measuring Extract on the Brewdeck
Spectral Analysis
Measuring pH

Sensory Analysis

Taste Panel Selection
Criteria for Go/No-Go

Packaging Tests

Carbon Dioxide Checks
Measuring Dissolved Oxygen

7. Government Affairs

Food Safety and Risk Assessment

Food Plant Registration
GMPs – A Foundational Requirement
Fill Level and Alcohol Monitoring

8. Pulling It All Together – Assessment Time

Types of Audits
Conducting a Quality System Audit
The Quality System Audit in Three Parts

Process Assessment
Department Assessment
Product Assessment

Appendix A Small Brewery Quality Manual Example
Appendix B Quality Control and Assurance Plans
Appendix C HACCP Risk Assessment and Critical Control Points
Appendix D Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) Table Example
Appendix E HACCP Process Map with CCPs
Appendix F Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Example
Appendix G Quality Inspections for Maintenance
Appendix H Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Policy Example
Appendix I New Product Quality Control Plan Example
Appendix J General Audit Report


Publish Date: 2015
Format: 8.5" × 11" softcover
Pages: 177
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Mary Pellettieri

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