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Beer Styles from Around the World
Beer Styles from Around the World

"The best beer book published in the United States in 2016."
—Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

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Beer Styles from Around the World is a unique collection of more than 150 recipes filling more than 400 pages for some of the world’s most important beer styles, developed by brewing cultures all around the globe.

The book includes:

  • Classic recipes, both ubiquitous and regional, from the Belle Époque of beer style innovation in 19th century Europe.
  • Contemporary recipes from the vibrant, modern craft brew revolution that will carry beer innovation and experimentation into the future. 
  • Signature recipes from the time of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Historical recipes from the pre- and post-colonial period of the United States.
  • Once famous, now forgotten recipes from the Renaissance period, when merchant ketches sailed the seas laden with trading beers for goods ranging from fur, to mustard, to minerals.
  • Even modern reconstructions of recipes from beer’s distant past, all the way back to antiquity. There is an Egyptian recipe from about 4,000 years ago, a Phrygian recipe from about 3,000 years ago, a Germanic-Celtic bread beer recipe from about 2,000 years ago, a Finnish farmhouse ale recipe from at least 1,500 years ago, and a few monastic ale recipes from about 1,000 years ago.

Each recipe comes with the featured beer’s background stories, histories, brew-technical specifications, and tips for innovation and experimentation, as well as an ingredients list and brewing instructions that allow brewers to make these beers in any brew house, anywhere.

The author, Horst Dornbusch, is an award-winning brewer, multilingual author of books and articles about beer, a sought-after lecturer, an international beer judge, and a brewing industry consultant with decades of experience in the theory and practice of beer-making.

This book is an indispensable reference guide for any brewer, anywhere.

Beer Styles from Around the World

Foreword by Rob Tod
What Are Beer Styles
Beer Cultures, Brewing Techniques, and Brew House Configurations
Beer Styles from Around the World


Abbey/Trappist Ale

Abbey Blonde Ale
Abbey Dubbel
Abbey Tripel


Altbier, Düsseldorf
Altbier, Münster
Sticke Alt/Latzenbier, Düsseldorf
Doppelsticke, Düsseldorf
Imperial Doppelsticke Aged on Oak Chips

Amber Ale

English Amber Ale
American Amber Ale

Barley Wine

English Barley Wine
American Barley Wine
“International” Barley Wine

Berliner Weisse
Bière de Garde
Bière de Mars, Alsatian
Bière de Saison

Bière de Saison, Classic
Bière de Saison, American I
Bière de Saison, American II

Blond Belgian Ale

Bockbier, Original
Maibock/Heller Bock/Helles Bock
Einbecker Bock
American (Amber) Bock, Texas Bock

Bread Beer, Celtic-Germanic
Brown Ale

Brown Ale, Northern English
Brown Ale, Southern English
Brown Ale, American

Broyhan Bier
California Common
Colonial Ale
Cream Ale

“Imperial” Dampfbier

Dinkelbier (Spelt Ale)
Dortmunder Export

Dunkel, Bavarian
Dunkel, Bohemian

Fruit Ale, American
Golden Belgian (Strong) Ale
Gruit Beer

Generic Gruit Beer
Marjoram Gruit Beer
Lemongrass Gruit Beer

Helles (Lager)
Ice Beer
India Pale Ale (IPA)

IPA, English
IPA, American
IPA, American Double
IPA, American Imperial
IPA, American Double Imperial (Extreme)
IPA, American (Cascadian), Dark or Black
       IPA, American, Black I
       IPA, American, Black II
       IPA, American, Black III
       IPA, Cascadian

IPA, Brazilian Imperial Coffee

Kartoffelbier (Potato Beer)
Kölsch (German Pale Ale)

Kölsch (German Pale Ale)

Lager, American

Lager, American, Standard
Lager, American, Premium
Lager, American, Light
Malt Liquor, American

Lager, European

Lager, European, “Standard”
Lager, European, Amber
Lager, European, Red
Lager, European, Light


Lambic, “Straight”

Lichtenhainer Weissbier
Mild Ale
Old Ale
Oud Bruin (Flanders Red Ale)

Oud Bruin, East Flanders
Oud Bruin, West Flanders
Oud Bruin (American Flanders Red Ale)

Pale Ale/Bitter

Bitter, Ordinary
Bitter, Best or Special
Bitter, Extra Special or Premium (ESB)
Pale Ale, English I
Pale Ale, English II
Pale Ale, American I
Pale Ale, American II
Pale Ale, American III

Pharaoh Ale
Phrygian 8th-Century BC “Grog”

Pilsner, Bohemian, Classic
Bohemian Pilsner, Modern I
Bohemian Pilsner, Modern II
Bohemian Pilsner, Modern III
German Pils/Pilsener/Pilsner
Pilsner, American


Porter, London or Brown
Porter, Robust
Porter, Baltic
Porter, Dry
Porter, American
Porter, German

Potsdamer Stange
Pre-Prohibition Lager, American
Pumpkin Ale
Rauchbier/Smoked Beer

Rauchbier, Bamberg-Style I
Rauchbier, Bamberg-Style II
Smoked Ale, American

Red Ale, Irish
Roggenbier/Rye Ale

Rye Ale, American


Schwarzbier, Thuringian
Schwarzbier, Bavarian

Scottish/Scotch Ale

Scottish Ale I (“Small”)
Scottish Ale II (“Common” or “Ordinary”)
Scottish Ale III (“Export”)
Scottish Ale IV (“Strong” or “Wee Heavy”)


Irish Stout Foreign Extra Stout (FES)
Oatmeal Stout
Russian Imperial Stout I & II
Sweet (Milk) Stout
Vanilla Stout
Belgian Black Stout

Vienna Lager (Wiener Lager)
Weissbier/Wheat Ale

Helles Weissbier
Pub Wheat (Ale)

Wheat Wine
Witbier/Bière Blanche
Zerbster Bitterbier

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About the Author
Publish Date: 2015
Format: 6" x 9" softcover
Pages: 380
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

By Horst Dornbusch

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