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ASBC Beer Flavor Wheel, Second Edition (single wheel)
ASBC Beer Flavor Wheel, Second Edition (single wheel)


A timely update to a classic tasting tool!

  • Reflects the current lexicon used by sensory panels
  • Laminated to provide protection during tastings
  • Provides a supplementary online component accessible via a QR code

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The ASBC Beer Flavor Wheel, Second Edition, represents the best of old and new. It maintains foundational terms from the 1979 International Beer Flavor Terminology, developed by ASBC in collaboration with the EBC and the Master Brewers, and it preserves the functional format of the first ASBC wheel, published in 2009. The new wheel also has been updated with terms from the current tasting lexicon, developed by a team of sensory experts, the ASBC Publications Committee, and the ASBC Sensory Committee, and it offers users a supplementary online component.

Like the original flavor wheel, the ASBC Beer Flavor Wheel, Second Edition, provides a universal vocabulary for beer tasters, brewers, researchers, and marketers. Use of this shared system of terms improves communications among beer industry professionals by naming and defining distinct, identifiable flavor notes in beer (including defects) and by visually representing their relationships.

Terms on the new wheel are organized into ten color-coded groups presented in three rings:

  • Starting in the center ring, the user can choose from three general categories: Aroma, Mouthfeel, and Basic Taste.
  • Moving to the second ring, the user can choose from among more than 40 terms describing selected categories, such as Tropical and Herbal. Several descriptors have been revised on or added to the new wheel.
  • In the outer ring, the user can pinpoint the specific flavor by choosing from among 120-plus terms, nearly 80 of which are new or revised. Among the new descriptors are Chocolate, Coffee, Mango, Pine, Tobacco, Umami, Bubblegum, and Whisky—plus Baby vomit and Cardboard.

Available exclusively to users via a QR code, a supplementary online component is offered with the ASBC Beer Flavor Wheel, Second Edition. It will include a more comprehensive lexicon developed by the ASBC Sensory Committee and be updated periodically to reflect updates and remain current.

Beer tasters, brewers, researchers, and marketers will find that this must-have tasting tool simplifies the complexity of beer, enhancing identification and communication and resulting in deeper enjoyment and appreciation.

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ASBC Beer Flavor Wheel, Second Edition (single wheel)

Publish Date: 2022
Format: 8.5” diameter; laminated cardstock
Publication Weight: 1 lbs

ASBC Beer Flavor Wheel, Second Edition (single wheel)

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