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FILTRATION: Brewing Research CD-Rom (Single User)
FILTRATION: Brewing Research CD-Rom (Single User)

A searchable collection of 30 years of peer-reviewed scientific research on enzymes in brewing.

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Compendium of Brewing Research FILTRATION is a unique collection of articles written by brewing scientists from around the world and published in the Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists. It is a unique collection of basic and applied scientific research related to beer filtration and stabilization and is searchable by any keyword(s) or topic(s) of interest to the user.

The need for solids separation and removal in beer production has likely been around for as long as brewing itself, but the most rapid advances in this area have occurred in the last 130 years. Despite the wide spectrum of beer styles that are produced, it is safe to say that every brewer deals with solids separation, filtration, or stabilization at some level in the process. Some methods, such as gravity sedimentation, the use of finings, time, and temperature, are fairly simple to execute. But these slower, less-effective means gave way to more sophisticated solids-separation techniques like centrifugation and filtration, in which cellulose materials, diatomaceous earth, and cross-flow membranes are used.

Part of what has driven such variety in separation methods relates to the size range of the solid materials that need to be removed from wort or beer. For example, the separation of extract from grain solids in a mash filter or lauter tun is a relatively course filtration step. The goals are to maximize extract recovery for brewing while enabling the required brew house through-put and leaving behind a valuable coproduct that meets contractual requirements. In contrast, sterile filtration is a process applied to beer, resulting in microbiological stabilization, removing organisms at one micron and smaller. Beer filtered in this manner can be packaged and sold without the need for energy-intensive pasteurization, provided that the brewery properly manages microbial loads upstream of this step.

The efficacy and through-put of separation and filtration processes are dramatically influenced by a variety of factors, including variations in raw materials, beer design, process upsets, operator experience, cleaning, and sanitation, just to name a few. The breweries that understand these influences and the science behind them are better prepared to react to issues as they arise and, in some cases, preempt problems before they occur. To that end, this ASBC compendium was designed to play a key role as a technical resource for brewing professionals worldwide. In addition, the researchers in advanced topics related to brewing filtration and stabilization will find this to be a valuable resource in support of their ongoing work.

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Compendium of Brewing Research CD-ROM: Filtration

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Publish Date: 2010
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FILTRATION: Brewing Research CD-ROM (Single-User License)

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