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Why is wine considered sophisticated and beer is not even though the brewing process is more technologically complex?

Why is wine touted for its health benefits when beer has more nutritional value?

Why does wine conjure up images of staid dinner parties while beer denotes screaming young partiers?

In his fascinating book, Charles Bamforth explores paradoxes involving beer and wine, paying special attention to the culture surrounding each. He argues that beer can be just as grown-up and worldly as wine and be part of a healthy, mature lifestyle.

Both beer and wine have histories spanning thousands of years. This is the first book to compare them from the perspectives of history, technology, market characteristics, quality attributes, styles, and the effect that they have on health and nutrition.

Grape vs. Grain

Beer and wine: some social commentary

A brief history of wine

A brief history of beer

How wine is made

How beer is made

The quality of wine

The quality of beer

Types of wine

Types of beer

The healthfulness of wine and beer

Conclusions about beer and wine - and the future.

Publish Date: 2008
Format: 7" x 10" hardcover
Pages: 224
Publication Weight: 2 lbs

By Charles W. Bamforth

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