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Naked Beer - The Book About Pilsner
Naked Beer - The Book About Pilsner


This book aims to illustrate that pilsner, in all its diversity and quality, deserves a central role in the ongoing beer revolution.

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By Christian Andersen and Jens Eiken

Jens Eiken is a master brewer and MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Former Master Brewer in managerial roles at Carlsberg, the Jacobsen Brewhouse, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Royal Unibrew and Novozymes. At the time of writing, working as the Global Product Manager, Brewing & Distilling, at IFF, Health & Biosciences. Jens has received medals for his beer innovations. He has published numerous articles about beer and is the author of the chapter about Danish beer in the book The Oxford Companion to Beer, edited by Garrett Oliver. Technical editor of the Scandinavian Brewers’ Review for seven years. Judge at the World Beer Cup. Member of the Danish Academy of Gastronomy.

Christian Andersen is a journalist and communications consultant.

Beer reviewer, journalist and editor for a range of media, including newspapers and magazines. Blogger on Durst, a blog about beer. Author of Det danske ølsprog (Danish Beer Language) published by the Danish Brewer’s Association. Contributor to several books about beer, editor of the chapter on Danish beer in Pocket Beer Book – The World’s Best Beer by Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb. A former delegate to the European Beer Consumers’ Union representing the Danish Beer Enthusiasts, a consumer organization. Initiator of the concept ‘New Nordic Beer’: a network about beer and corresponding terroir among Danish breweries. Recipient of the Danish Beer Award in 2014.

The Naked Beer is a book about pilsner – the most popular type of beer in the world.

While other beer types have come and gone, pilsner has remained a steadfast choice for nearly two centuries. After decades of over-commercialization, this may be pilsner’s moment, as it undergoes a resurgence among craft beer brewers eager to embrace the challenge of crafting a beer that tests their technique to the full without relying on gimmicks. This book aims to illustrate that pilsner, in all its diversity and quality, deserves a central role in the ongoing beer revolution; indeed, as beer guru Jeff Alworth argues, pilsner is already the “secret weapon” in that revolution.

The Naked Beer features:
  • Reports from breweries in the USA, Germany and the Czech Republic
  • Interviews with the best pilsner brewers in the world
  • Chapters covering the history, culture and science of pilsner
  • A deep dive into the aroma and taste of pilsner, with a new and improved tasting scheme
  • Reviews of 72 pilsner brands
  • 10 pilsner recipes to try at home!

Written by beer expert Christian Andersen and Master Brewer Jens Eiken, The Naked Beer is set to become the go-to book for anyone interested in this most poised and subtle of beers.

The Naked Beer—The Book About Pilsner

Pilsner—The Naked Beer

About the Book
The Authors


The Breweries in Portland and Oregon
24 Beers from Portland and Oregon

Pilsner Types

The Pilsner Family
Main Types
Sub Types
A Bright Future
Pilsner is Craft


The Breweries in Franconia
24 Beers from Franconia

The Flavour of Pilsner

Taste and Aroma
Tasting Sheet

The History of Pilsner

The History

Pilsner Production and the Essential Raw Materials

Raw Materials
10 Recipes

Drinking Culture


Pilsner Festivals

Czech Republic

The Breweries in the Czech Republic
24 Beers from the Czech Republic

Thank You




“The industry has abused an otherwise good beer type for many years. Now consumers want the good old pilsner back.”
—Kevin Davey, Master Brewer, Gold Dot Beer, Oregon, USA

”Born in an improbable blend of local culture, foreign espionage, and brewing ingenuity, Pilsner emerged as the ‘killer app’ of beers in 1842. As it raced across Europe and then the world, Pilsner swept aside centuries-old beer styles and established itself as king. Since then it’s been perfected and ruined, celebrated and scorned, industrialized and crafted. Here, discover the story of – and as even many craft brewers will say – the greatest beer style in the world.
—Garrett Oliver, Master Brewer and Editor-in-Chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer, The Brooklyn Brewery

”Pilsner is back where it belongs – in the heart of the beer revolution. Finally, the consumers and the craft brewers appreciate this sleeping giant of a beer style. Only good brewers can, and must, brew a perfect pilsner. (Our dry hopped pilsner ‘Lost Lager’ is an excellent example of this development, and the consumers love it!) The Naked Beer is a thorough book about this beer style, which is full of flavour and potential!
—Jason Pond, Group Brewmaster, BrewDog

Publish Date: 2023
Format: 8” x 10” softcover
Pages: 373
Publication Weight: 3 lbs

By Christian Andersen and Jens Eiken

The Naked Beer – The Book About Pilsner

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