Web Programs

This committee is responsible for developing, creating, delivering/disseminating, and monitoring quality technical content for webinars.

Committee ChairDana J. JohnsonBirko Corporation7126
Committee Vice ChairKevin McCabe, PhDDouble Strand Consulting137395
Committee MemberMatt CinatlLagunitas Brewing Co139977
Committee MemberWill CrosbySurly Brewing Co148665
Committee MemberBrian J. HollingerTwo Roads Brewing Co6717
Committee MemberKristopher KalavATPGroup7461
Committee MemberAndres Roberto PalmaGood Robot Brewing Company149505
Committee MemberAaron RossKalamazoo Valley Community College152104
Committee MemberWeston ShepherdMast Landing Brewing Co146583
Committee MemberJulie SmithLawson's Finest Liquids150751
Ex-officio Staff LiaisonBryan MowryMBAA154985

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