District Health Task Force

The District Health Task Force is a short-term group created to provide districts with knowledge, tools, and the ability to achieve district targets to ensure all districts are "healthy."

Committee ChairKristopher C. SchollAnheuser-Busch7161
Committee Co-ChairAndy TveekremMarket Garden Brewery4892
Committee MemberSteve BradtHopsteiner1399
Committee MemberJeffrey M. Eaton, Jr.Mother Road Brewing Co106781
Committee MemberKelley FreemanBeyers Analytical Brewing Sciences, LLC149236
Committee MemberRobert HunterCrust Pizza Bar6454
Committee MemberTim SchwartzReal Ale Brewing Co5686
Ex-officio Staff LiaisonCarol EricsonMBAA144089
Ex-officio Staff LiaisonSusan KohnMaster Brewers102061

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